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If you are not interested in arts, culture & creativity by taste at least you have to be interested in it by opportunism or by strategy.

Former director Palais  de Tokyo Paris.

Corporate leaders must navigate a landscape with technology that is changing at light speed, with a society that is on a turning point and with a disruptive economy that is challenging everybody. Skilled talent is hard to recruit and retain and the workforce is becoming more diverse. Due to social media it’s getting harder to control brand image. Firms are looking for new ways to stimulate innovative thinking. 

The art world and artist can help corporate leaders to cope with these problems.

Artist have the tendency to think less conventional and have a sensorium for what is happening in the society. They are used to question everything and to anticipate. While in business we go from point "a" to point "b", artist re-invent point "b".  
Evidence shows that arts investment provides advantages for both the business itself and the community in which the company and its employees live and work.

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A process whereby an organisation uses the sublimity and the power of art, culture and creativity to upgrade itself 

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Our artification 


Together with your team, we describe your specific challenges. Our team will then present a series of artification ideas that respond to your challenges. On average, we propose about 20 concepts. These ideas will be both traditional and out of the box. We can assist you not only in generating ideas but also in the entire process and implementation. This process will result in your Corporate Art Engagement plan.



We help the cultural and creative sectors to make a “creative connection” with commercial organizations.

This connection is based on the core values and offering of the cultural and creative actor and needs to play and important role in the Artificication needs of the organizations.

Since Artification and Art Thinking becomes more and more important for both the commercial organizations as the cultural and creative sectors, we set up trainings and workshops. In a couple of hours, you will gain the basic knowledge about Artification and Art Thinking and how it can help you and your team to think differently and become more creative and innovative. 



We have a large network in the cultural and creative scene in Belgium and international.

We can help you to find the right artist(s) to create via a co-creation process an unique and tailor made artwork. That artwork can be used for several purposes: create a culture of creativity into the organization, transformation, make new connections with your customers and boost your company brand.

After your web event we will deliver a full report to you with the participants’ data. Participants register their personal details including first name, last name and email address. Other data after the live and/or on demand webinar include the following: registrations, attendance, show up rate, session length, average time in room, attendance by browser. 

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