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The purpose of data art is to visualize data through art. Weather data on Mars, stock prices, brainwave scans that register emotion and social media posts are all examples of data that is ubiquitous and being visualized by artists through their art. To understand data art, you need both hemispheres, because it involves both the artist's imagination and the representation of objective truth. Alternatively, researchers have been using machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze millions of images around the world and provide metadata about them. On the basis of that metadata, new images can be compiled and created. This metadata stored in terabytes of data contains much information and knowledge about our opinions, ideas, and perspectives. From how we perceive the world around us to the future and the past.

In order to create the images below, we used metadata from billions of images, as well as artificial intelligence and digital techniques. Below you will find Oceans & Blue Sky anno 2050 by Metadata.

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