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Our web event / video services – plug&unburden

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For many companies it is the first time they set up a professional web event. We will make that process run as smoothly as possible by guiding you withmore than 150 hours of experience in streaming for more than 35 customers. We will brainstorm and help you in setting up the perfect web event.When it is the first time, you will be invited to another web event, so that you can see how it works. Together with you we will define the “script” of the web event.The studio master of the team will use this script to guide you through the streaming.


Our studios are located in Zaventem and are easily accessible from the ring road. They boast a surface area of 250m2. Actually, they comprise a total of 3 studios equipped with state-of-the art tools: a green key studio, a cozy lounge area with seats, and a black box studio. Each studio is professionally equipped. Professional lighting, 5 cameras, video & sound mixing table, 2 PCs for streaming, 6 mikes, a sound kit, a back screen, a pointer, a countdown clock, a PC in participant modus, an autocue and an ipad for the moderator during Q&As. It is possible to go up to 6 simultaneous presenters. 


After your web event we will deliver a full report to you with the participants’ data. Participants register their personal details including first name, last name and email address. Other data after the live and/or on demand webinar include the following: registrations, attendance, show up rate, session length, average time in room, attendance by browser. 

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We also offer communication with, registration & follow-up of the participants of your web event. We set up the URL that will be used in the email campaign. More and more customers ask us to create a customized registration page either in their company style or in a brand new style. We can also set up a customized e-mailing campaign, in the same style as the landing page. We take care of the follow-up of the participants: they automatically receive confirmation & reminder emails.

We use BIGMARKER as our web event platform. This platform is “browser based” so the viewer doesn’t need to download an application. There are Apps available for IOS and Android and it is one of the most reliable streaming platforms on the market. It can show a live stream video, a presentation and project the chat box at the same time. The video streaming is available in both low and high definition quality. Interaction is very easy: viewers can chat, ask questions, participate in polls and a voting system can be integrated. It is also possible to integrate speakers at long distance via webcam or prerecorded presentation or video. We can accommodate online audiences between 20 to 1000 participants per web event.

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After your web event we will take care of the post-production of the recordings. We can make these videos available on your own website, Vimeo, YouTube and others.


​optional services

we offer

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Thanks to our many years of experience in organizing events and our experience with more than 35 customers in setting up webevents and life streaming, we can help and advise your organization with the complete interpretation and approach of webevents, life steaming and hybrid events. We can not only help with the topics and the speakers, but also with the full flow going from location, interactivity, experiences and contact building.

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Artification is the process of turning an activity into art that was not seen as art before. More and more companies use art and culture to create authenticity, make new connections with customers or employees, boost creativity and innovation, and harness the prestige of art to improve their brand. We distinguish 3 levels of artification: synergies, contaminations, and hybridizations. Thanks to our experience and large network with artists, cultural institutions and creatives, we can help you to do the right “thing” with art and culture for your hybrid event.

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Our experience can help you to use video (more) effectively in marketing and branding, internal communication and corporate training, sales and external communication. Thanks to an original perspective, targeted scripts and a video style that’s exactly right for you, we can ensure that your company or organization makes a professional impression. Visuals communicate directly with both the right and left sides of our brain and therefore have a greater impact. This means that the look & feel of your videos, your slides and illustrations must look the part. Our graphic designers will assist you in the development or optimization of your presentations at the web events or in the videos you develop. We don't just help you with the design of your slides. We can also develop graphical training videos, digital learning modules and whiteboard animations

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Photography is an important part of most of our lives. Collectively we take billions of pictures a day, but professional photography can make a difference. Erwin Van den Brande is a professional photographer with years of experience, and we also have an extended network of photographers who can take the pictures that are exactly right for you and your brand.

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We can guide you individually or in group to create more impact with your videos and web events. Our experts are trainers and coaches with extensive practical experience as keynote speakers, TV presenters, web event hosts and TV makers.

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Remote viewing, via live stream, is gaining in importance. But for the participants who do travel it is still a great added value to be able to watch the speakers on video afterwards. We test the internet strength at the venue, take care of the audiovisual production and the live stream to a secure platform. The customer then chooses which users can access the stream. Livestreaming to social media platforms (Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo and Twitter) is also gaining in popularity. If you don't dispose of your own venue, we can help you find the right venue where you can combine the best of both worlds. For example, a pleasant, well-located space where you can receive guests safely and offer them a drink before and after the event. You receive your guests who want to be present in a stylish environment. 

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Afterwards, we can upload the web event recordings on a customized landing page for on-demand viewing, to be shared with your customers, colleagues, shareholders, and partners. We set-up customized landing pages on the ‘Clevercast’ platform. All your existing and future web events can be hosted on this page. Each user will gain access with a unique access code. A tracking option and detailed analytics can be provided upon request.  

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We can set up the web event so that you can generate leads or participants can order your product(s) right after the webevent. At the end of the webevent the participant is redirected to a customized ordering page with information about your product(s) and the commercial deal. The participant signs in and all orders are transferred to you.

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If you want to organize a web event with an interesting audience it could be a good idea to see if it could be sponsored by a company or organization. We have a large network and many years of experience in sponsoring and fund raising. So we can definitely help you in this process.

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