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  • Foto van schrijverErwin Van Den Brande

Together with Sean Rogg (artist - UK) we will set up a VR performance/experiment with 100 strangers. It will be an expedition into and the quest for collective consciousness.

More info below. Interested to host or partner? Let us know

  • Foto van schrijverErwin Van Den Brande

A Belgian band needed a second cover for their latest album. We developed the cover using AI and metadata from billions of cloud-based images based on the concepts, lyrics, brand of the band, and style of music.

  • Foto van schrijverErwin Van Den Brande

Are you interested in knowing how art and creativity can make an impact on your organization? In terms of branding, innovation, new insights and research.

Or do you want to know how AI will change creativity?

Then book a keynote or a workshop via Speakersbase or message me directly.

We also zoom in on the projects we recently completed with Flora Miranda and Cegeka, KBC Bank & Verzekering, MYRRHA, Cresco, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Benelux l Austrian Embassy Commercial Section and Sntrackers.

"NOT BORN YET" / Time capsule / Moodboard 2050 The image below was generated with meta-data and multiple digital techniques. It is a representation of what young people aged 25 (generation beta) could look like in 2050. Hallucination or not?

We will see in 2050!

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