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Erwin Van den Brande

Erwin is an entrepreneur, artist, and photographer with more than 20 years of experience in large corporate organizations, start-ups, organizing events, setting up communities, fundraising, and consulting on artification: “Upgrading companies with the sublimity of art and culture”.

He is the founder of Dual&Day.

He had more than 30 exhibitions in Belgium and abroad as a photographer.


Flora Miranda

Flora Miranda is an Austrian future-forward couturier based in Antwerp, emphasising the importance of digital identities, intangible yet predominant in our daily lives. After finishing her master degree in fashion design in 2014 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, she worked as a freelancer for Iris Van Herpen. Since January 2018 Flora Miranda’s seasonal collections are presented during Haute Couture week in Paris. 


“My mission is to bring art to fashion. My vision is to transform into a creative software company, where garments are generated based on personal data as a proposition to a 100% automated pipeline from design to production.”

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Sean Rogg

Sean is a British Futurist working in the field of experimental performance, XR and neuroscience. He has been leading a team of future thinking artists, designers and scientists to explore the full potential of his Waldorf Project experiment which became recognised as the world’s most extreme immersive art performance. Amongst its many accomplishments is the world’s largest empathy engineering experiment with 5,000 people and the world’s highest altitude empathy engineering experiment with 400 people on a special Lufthansa flight. Sean is now exploring the full potential of these ground-breaking ideas with his new company Awen. He continues to push the boundaries once again into the digital space, with bold ambitions to change the way mental health is treated and explored.


Jan Van Parijs

Jan has extended expertise in medical communication. He produced and presented health shows for Belgian TV-stations. He is a content provider and he develops congress reports, TV-show, e-learnings, news items, videos for mainly the pharmaceutical industry. He is the co-founder of a company with slogan "We show the impact through video". 


Lorenzo Gerbi

Lorenzo is an Italian designer, art director and cultural producer based in Eindhoven (NL). He translates his strong interest in conceptual and speculative design in new scenarios and concepts for products, services and strategies for companies. He is curator at Baltan Laboratories, a Dutch cultural institution which initiates experimentation on the crossroads of art, design, science and technology. Since 2017 he is also involved in a strategic Dutch design studio which helps organizations to develop their full potential, believing that each organization is a work of art. He is Editor-in-Chief of Fictional Journal, a platform and online publication investigating design’s involvement within society. 


Van den Broeck

Reninca is a quirky & artistic woman with an eye for business. Reninca is a chameleon. Is at home in all styles. She reinvents herself time and time again through her innovative look and surprising approach. Reninca offers you: unique and stylish designs, relevant content, Brand Creation, logo and website development. In short, a tailor-made project plan with a close follow-up from A to Z. Each project is unique.


Gerrie Smits


There’s two ways to describe Gerrie Smits. 

One: as a proud generalist. Throughout his career, he’s taken on an insane variety of roles: from creative director, tv maker and digital strategist to start-up coach, author and -seriously- civil servant. 

He also calls himself a CCO, a Chief Curiosity Officer. He gets excited by new challenges and is happy when he can help people come up with solutions they wouldn’t have come up with on their own. 

Filip Waegemans

Filip Waegemans left his job in telecom sponsoring to start the company skaut with one clear goal: making sponsorships & partnerships more effective. Brands & events are far away from helping each other in achieving their goals at the risk of losing budget & resources.

Filip has over 15 years of experience in sponsorships, events & PR working with brands, agencies and sponsor seekers. He also enjoys judging European Sponsorship Association Awards.

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