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  • Foto van schrijverErwin Van Den Brande

We are officially registered as keynote speaker at Speakersbase.

Topics that we cover for keynotes and workshops are #artification #innovation #creativity #artechnology #artthinking #research #transformation #brandcreation #newconnections

Check out the Speakersbase website for more info!

  • Foto van schrijverErwin Van Den Brande

At the next Sterca gathering in Antwerp, we will speak about artification. Disruptive challenges require companies to think and act differently. In addition to learning from the art world, business leaders can also learn from the arts. We will explain this by looking at a number of examples. Additionally, we discuss how we are working with Delhaize, Proximus, Accenture, Special Olympics, Workday, and fashion designer Flora Miranda to develop a future-oriented project focusing on DEI.

We are grateful to Caroline Van Cauwelaert CEO of Epcon for inviting us.

  • Foto van schrijverErwin Van Den Brande

For more info se the post below.

Interested? Let us know!

We have an extra company supporting this project: Delhaize.

We also have a new visual for the project !! This will of course evolve during the creative proces.

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