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Artification / Business Data Fashion / Flora Miranda

In a Business Data Fashion project we will use your unique company data to create unique fashion in a co-creation process.

- An ideal project to strengthen your company brand with an unique aura and authenticity.

- You can spoil your customers and employees on a unique and different way.

- You will create a culture of creativity and innovation in your company.

- The combination of technology, art and fashion will help you to look differently at your company data and the impact of it.

For this project we work together with Flora Miranda. Who is Flora?

Flora is a young Austrian artist, who has a Master in Fashion at Royal Academy of Antwerp. She won several awards and worked closely together with different companies and organizations like Rado, Renault, Unmade and Motorola. Her artwork was represented in several museum collections and worn by Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

A Data Fashion project can take different forms depending on the goals of your company, the available resources, the company data and brand.

If you are interested ? Let us know !!

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