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Wendy Knaepen, Executive Director Cegeka

Kristel Demotte, Global Vice President Data Solutions at Cegeka & ICT Woman of the Year:

“Flora incorporates human emotions into her fashion designs. This is completely in line with our vision of using AI for the benefit of society. Our Data Solutions team created Billie, a virtual assistant that helps people around the world live better and easier. We co-created the art piece with Flora as an expression of who we are as a company. Aligned with our motto 'In close cooperation', Flora has crafted a beautiful generative design rooted in our AI data.”

The artwork will be exhibited at Het Steen in Antwerp at the ROUTER exhibition until the end of October 2023.

Geert Rottier, Chief Marketing Officer Cegeka

“CEGEKA is a company that emphasizes the practical utility of technology, keeping close to their client’s needs rather than pursuing innovation for its own sake.

"In close cooperation” is at the core of who we are. The promise to our customers is to be with them on their digital journey, guiding them along the way so they can grow and innovate. Using AI, Flora processed our data and brought the DNA to life. People really connect through emotions in a world that is digitizing and evolving so quickly.”


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