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  • Foto van schrijverErwin Van Den Brande


This quote highlight the fact that success in the art world does not only stem from the necessary skills and knowledge that artists inherently possess, but rather, that success comes through a combination of those skills with certain character qualities that are also directly related to athletes, such as discipline, dedication and strong will. Prominence in art, as well as in sports, requires training, mental strength and spiritual balance so that the artist, much like the athlete, can reach high levels of excellence.

On the other hand, we also see that companies are increasingly inspired by the art world. While in the past there has been collaboration with athletes and sports sponsoring, we now see an evolution towards the arts. Artists and designers have cognitive processes and methods that allow for more creativity and innovation. Artists seek out the paradox and this leads to a game changing. Companies need this. Collaborating with the arts also has many other benefits like transformation, brand creation, new insights and connections.



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