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We are all made of Stardust

Are you interested in learning what diversity and inclusion can mean for your organization?

Would you like to network with ten other organizations and peers during different workshops?

Excited to participate in a creative process and become more innovative and creative?

Together with Accenture, Proximus and Flora Miranda, we set-up a co-creation, artification project focusing on "Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI).

Diversity is important for an organization as it helps with creativity, innovation, market knowledge, branding, and attracting millennials. However, we still see many barriers and pitfalls such as biases, misunderstanding, and lack of respect.

Therefore, we will host workshops with ten organizations to discuss, to conduct research on DEI, and to go through an artification process together.

The objective is that we learn from each other and that we create artwork and products together that can make an impact on our society.

We will present the results and outcomes at an exclusive event.

Below you will find a mood board and further down a sample of what such a project could look like for your organization.

Have questions or crazy ideas?

Let us know by replying to this email.


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